Digital Media abuse and addiction is an issue we have worked with since approximately 2009 and it has since become one of our primary areas of speciality that we offer. Collegiate Coaching Services (CCS), Digital Media Treatment and Education Center’s (DTEC) big sister program has been offering this clinical speciality since 2009. CCS will continue to support students to create awareness about their screen habits and how they influence academic performance, however DTEC will be the primary provider when it comes to offering  treatment and support to students and non-students who are seeking support due to serious implications of screen use in their lives. CCS and DTEC will be in constant collaboration in order to provide wrap around support for young people and adults who are in need of academic support, workplace support, social support, emotional support, and treatment for screen overuse issues.

DTEC is an innovative program that has been developed over several years by curious, passionate clinicians and coaches. We are pleased to be offering this unique and much needed service to our local community and to those coming from afar seeking our expertise. Our vision as a team is to be not only effective practioners, but thought leaders in this emerging field. We are paving the way and developing standards of practice for new clinicians to learn how to work with this addiction, and are working hard to provide resources and education to new parents and families so they can be well prepared long before screens come in to their childs lives.