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Tracy Markle, Dr. Brett Kennedy, and the dTEC® clinicians provide specialized trainings, presentations and workshops based on the group’s needs. dTEC® curates its trainings and presentations for all age groups and their particular problem areas and need based on the most up to date research on DMO and treatment.

Introduction to Digital Media Overuse; Assessment, Intervention and Treatment
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2020 Training Dates
October 16th, 8:30-5:00 pm
November 6th, 8:30-5:00 pm
Digital Media Treatment & Education Center (DTEC®) | 2299 Pearl St, Suite 310, Boulder, CO 80302
Single Registration: $350.00/person | 2 + Group Rate: $320.00/person

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This 8-hour training is for those enrolled in and attending a graduate level program, master’s level clinicians and doctoral level clinicians. Attendees will develop the critical foundation needed to become familiar with digital media overuse/addiction & Internet addiction issues. It will allow the attendee to conceptualize the FITS-IA® approach in their clinical environment when treating families, adolescents and adults with digital media overuse and addiction issues and the common co-occurring problems and diagnoses.

This training is required in order to enroll in the FITS-IA® Intensive Trainings Level I & II.

(FITS-IA® Foundational Training must be completed prior to enrolling in this course)

This 2-day clinical training is for those who are master’s level and doctoral level clinicians. This intensive training builds off of what the attendee learned in FITS-IA® Foundational training, which includes, the develop of assessment skills and clinical interventions and treatment strategies pertinent to DMO & addiction issues.

For interested clinicians:

dTEC offers a Level II training which which incorporates additional clinical tools, strategies, interventions & practice. In order to enroll in the FITS-IA® Level II training series, we require the clinician to incorporate the information from the Level I training over the course of 6 months and participate in regularly scheduled clinical consultations with either Dr. Kennedy or Tracy Markle during this time frame.

The FITS-IA® clinician training program is currently under review to be an approved certification program for clinicians who treat digital media, as well as to be able to offer continuing education units.


dTEC® provide clinical consultations to mental health providers and organizations interested in providing guidance and information about implementing best practices as they relate to the identification of and treatment of digital media overuse (DMO), addiction, and the common co-existing emotional and psychological diagnoses.