Dorian Evers, M.Ed. Marriage & Family Therapist

Dorian is currently in the final phases of earning her masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Colorado at Denver. She is engaged in her internship with dTEC® where she provides individual, couple, family therapy and group therapy. In addition, she assists the team during clinical trainings and community events to bring more awareness to the impacts of digital media overuse. She takes a person-centered approach when working with individuals, couples, and families, believing that in order for change to occur, clients need to be able to feel safe, heard, and understood in the therapy room. Dorian utilizes Structural Family Therapy to support families in achieving healthier family dynamics between parents, children, and other support systems. She finds that this approach is very effective in supporting families struggling with digital media overuse to establish healthy boundaries and improve communication between family members. It empowers each member to address their use of devices and digital media and when indicated, establish a family agreement to support overall health and wellness.

Dorian also has a love for working with couples where she creates an environment where they feel like they can be vulnerable with their partner, understood, and accepted. She utilizes Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), where she is currently working towards a certification. EFT is an evidence-based approach where 70-75% of couples have moved from distress to recovery.

Since graduating from UCLA as an undergrad, Dorian has worked in a variety of settings that have provided her with the skills to work with young adults, individuals, couples and families to help them in reaching their goals. Dorian served as a Special Education teacher with Teach for America where she was able to build authentic and genuine relationships with high school students who struggled with a variety of learning disabilities and mental health concerns. It was during this time that Dorian also earned her Master’s in Education at George Mason University. She has worked in various clinical mental health settings where she was able to support those with severe mental health issues to reach their academic, social, and mental health needs. It was in these settings where Dorian developed a keen awareness that building a genuine and trusting relationship with clients is key in order to best support them.

Dorian took her toolkit and ability to build rapport to Collegiate Coaching Services, dTEC®’s sister company, where she is an executive function, therapeutic, and parent coach to young adults and their families. It is here that she gained awareness about digital media and the negative impacts on mental health, academic success and relationships, as well as learned key interventions and approaches to support young people to manage their digital media use and achieve their goals. She has been able to support clients and their families to be successful by meeting them where they are, utilizing targeted and evidence-based interventions, and fostering a comfortable, safe, and authentic environment where the young adult and their family feel secure to push through difficult times.