Research Studies and Articles about Violent Video Games and the Impact they have on Young People

Collegiate Coaching Services does not particularly support all statements made in these articles/videos; They are for educational and informational purposes only. Video Games is a nonpartisan, nonprofit website that presents facts, studies, and pro and con statements on questions related to whether or not video games contribute to youth violence. Website created by a gaming addict in recovery who is also a medical doctor. a parent whose young adult son is addicted to League of Legends video game wrote this article. He explores current research and highlights trends that are promoting violent video games to children.

The Effects of Video Games on Children: What Parents Need to Know; By Douglas A. Gentile, Ph.D in Pediatrics for Parents
The conclusion I draw from the accumulated research is that the question of whether video games are “good” or “bad” for children is oversimplified. Playing a violent game for hours every day could decrease school performance, increase aggressive behaviors, and improve visual attention skills. Instead, parents should recognize that video games can have powerful effects on children, and should therefore set limits on the amount and content of games their children play. In this way, we can realize the potential benefits while minimizing the potential harms. Research demonstrating that video games do lead to increased aggression and decreased empathy; both are correlated with overuse of violent video games. “Starcraft 2 targeted in Connecticut School Shooting video game debate” Study from 2005. “NRA blames violent video games for gun deaths” “Senator proposes bill to study violence in games” “After Newtown, some shoppers think twice about violent video games”

Chinese research published in the journal PLoS ONE in June, 2011, shows a striking correlation between Internet addiction and atrophy in the brain in young people, specifically in the are empathy center of the brain Game over? Chinese father orders son’s virtual assassination.

“Violent Video Games Effects on Aggression, Empathy and Pro-social behavior in Eastern and Western Countries”; A meta-analytic review; Psychological Bulletin; 2010, Vol 136, No. 2, 151-173 “Video Gaming Can Control Your Thoughts”,02370630.story;

“As a result of the compulsive video game playing, young people become deprived of movement, touch, human connection, and nature.

Useful information for Parents to utilize before purchasing video games Entertainment Software Rating Board assigns the age and content ratings for video games and mobile apps, enforces advertising and marketing guidelines for the video game industry, and helps companies implement responsible online privacy practices.

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