Resources and Research

There have been a handful of studies that have reported the prevalence of IGD using nationally representative samples. The prevalence rates reported were 8.5% of American youth aged 8–18 years (Gentile, 2009), 1.2% of German adolescents aged 13-18 years (Rehbein, Kliem, Baier et al., 2015), 5.5% among Dutch adolescents aged 13-20, and 5.4% among Dutch adults (Lemmens, Valkenburg & Gentile, 2015), 4.3% of Hungarian adolescents aged 15-16 years (Király, Griffiths, Urbán et al., 2014), 1.4% of Norwegian gamers (Wittek, Finserås, Pallesen et al., 2015), and 1.6% of European youth from seven countries aged 14-17 years (Müller, Janikian, Dreier et al., 2015).

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