Support Groups

A fundamental pillar of the FITS-IA® approach is community engagement. dTEC® is proud to both offer a no-cost support group for DMO and to highlight community providers offering recovery support and activities.

No-Cost Digital Media Overuse Weekly Support Groups

The Problematic Internet Technology Facilitated (PITF) Support Group is led by a facilitator who is knowledgeable in digital media issues. Group members receive education, strategies, and resources related to digital media overuse and are encouraged to engage in discussion about their challenges and successes in sobriety. The primary goal of this support group is to cultivate a balanced lifestyle.
Additional Community Support
Those struggling with DMO often struggle with other co-occurring substance abuse addictions and other mental health issues. For additional support, for those in recovery from alcohol, substance abuse, those looking for sober activities, and/or practicing meditation or mindfulness the following community resources may be of interest to you as part of you overall recovery.