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Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Brett P. Kennedy, Psy.D. Co-Director
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Brett P. Kennedy is a clinical psychologist with over 20 years of experience working with adolescents, adults and couples. He engages a developmental and dialectical behavioral (DBT) approach to his work with substance abuse, behavior/process “addictions” and in treating mental health issues.

As a “digital immigrant” to the technological revolution, Dr. Kennedy has seen both the pros and the perils that digital media brings to the lives of his clients by exploring both the complications, and conveniences that technology present in their personal and professional relationships as technology has been integrated into their lives and for the “digital natives” who grew up with technology as a part of their development.

Dr. Kennedy advocates a philosophy of mindfulness and balance in our relationship with technology and works with clients struggling with compulsivity and “addiction” to the internet, gaming, pornography, and social media. Technology is a part of our lives, and developing the skills to navigate it effectively are critical to our relationship with our self, and others, on and offline.

Dr. Kennedy, is a strong advocate of “work/life balance” and nurturing our “offline” pursuits. He enjoys spending time connecting to the outdoors through running, hiking, cycling, and skiing, and connecting to the global community through travel.

We are currently not accepting new clients. Please check back mid to late August as we may have availability then by either calling or emailing us at info@digitalmediatreatment.com.