How to improve focus in sports in the age of the Internet.

improve focus in sports

Improving focus in sports is one of a coach’s greatest challenges. Social media and video games haven’t made that any easier. This guide is full of helpful ideas for building a team culture that prioritizes healthy digital media use and gets buy-in from your players to turn off the internet and get their heads in the game.

The Internet, the News, and the End of Kids Playing Outside

Kids playing outside unsupervised is rare image of man holding child's hand outside

Kids playing outside used to be a common sight. But today it’s becoming exceedingly rare. Parents are fearful of allowing children to play outside unsupervised despite the fact that there’s never been a safer time to grow up. One reason might be our constant access to news. Researchers have correlated it with higher stress and a misperception that the world is more dangerous than ever.

Therapist Training Series: How the Internet Has Changed the Parent-Child Relationship

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Today’s parent-child relationship is one of 24-hour connectivity. How do teens feel about this new digital contract? Part 4 of a therapist training series on true digital natives. The first people in history born into an established, online, social structure.

Understanding ADHD and Why it’s Commonly Found with Internet Addiction

Understanding ADHD - Girl with laptop

Often our clients are unaware that they have ADHD and when they’re finally able to receive a diagnosis and treatment, they often see their internet or video game use subside to a more manageable level as well as see improvements in their academic or professional performance and in their relationships.

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