In-Game Purchases: How Video Games Turn Players into Payers

In-Game Purchases: Moblie phone with graphic on screen of three arrows piercing dollar sign target

Video game companies use well-establish principles of behavioral psychology to work players into a highly stimulated, emotional state before hitting them up to make in-game purchases of virtual items for real money.

Online Addiction: Everything You Need to Know

Parents and child sit on couch ignoring each other while looking at electronic devices

Everyone who uses the internet, parents, educators and mental health professionals should learn the signs of digital media overuse and how to move away from online addiction and toward a healthier relationship with the internet. 

Digital Dementia – Guidelines for educators regarding technology use in school settings

  Mounting research indicates unrestricted use of technology (cell phones, internet, TV) by children is resulting in negative impact on physical and mental health, social well being, and academic performance, suggesting a …

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