Decrease Screen-time & Reach Your Goals

Digital Media Overuse (DMO) impacts academic and workplace success, increases social isolation, and impacts mental health.  We can help change that!

Our Approach: FITS-IA®

FITS-IA® is a systemic, community based approach that treats both the individual and the family. Our multi-disciplinary, integrated treatment team works with families to decrease DMO, reduce conflict, teach effective self-care skills and support interpersonal relationships through face-to-face social connections and community engagement.


The Premier Clinician’s Handbook Addressing Digital Media Overuse in Children and Adolescents

Tracy Markle, founder and co-director of DTEC®, developed the Family Involvement, Integrated Treatment, Social Connection for Internet Addiction  FITS-IA®, approach and is a  featured author, along with other experts from around the globe, in the book:  Internet Addiction in Children and Adolescents, where she shares the philosophy and interventions embodied in FITS-IA®.

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