Providing training and education on treatment of internet, gaming, social media, and pornography overuse and “addiction”.

Decrease Screen-time & Reach Your Goals
Digital Media Overuse (DMO) commonly known as “gaming, Internet or technology addiction” interferes in academic and workplace success, leads to sleep problems, increases social isolation, and negatively effects physical and mental health. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

Watch Tracy Markle Help a Family Struggling with Social Media Addiction

Tracy Markle, digital media addiction expert and founder of Digital Media Treatment & Education Center, appeared on the premier episode of A&E’s “Digital Addiction” to help a woman and her family address her social media addiction.

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Our Approach: FITS-IA ®

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FITS-IA® is a systemic treatment approach that provides education and clinical support to those struggling with digital media overuse. FITS-IA works by creating a mindful approach to our online behaviors, improving family relationships, developing effective emotional regulation and self-care skills, and enhancing interpersonal relationships through face-to-face social connections and community engagement.

FITS-IA® is collaborative and prioritizes FAMILY engagement, INTEGRATED TREATMENT, and builds SOCIAL connections to support recovery and long term change for individuals and families from digital media overuse and INTERNET ADDICTION.. See more

No-Cost Digital Media Overuse Weekly Support Groups

The Problematic Internet Technology Facilitated (PITF) Support Group is led by a facilitator who is knowledgeable in digital media issues. Group members receive education, strategies, and resources related to digital media overuse and are encouraged to engage in discussion about their challenges and successes in sobriety. The primary goal of this support group is to cultivate a balanced lifestyle.

The Premier Clinician’s Handbook Addressing Digital Media Overuse in Children and Adolescents

Tracy Markle, founder, and co-director of dTEC® developed the Family engagement, Integrated Treatment, Social Connection for Internet Addiction FITS-IA®, approach and is a featured author, along with other experts from around the globe, in the book: Internet Addiction in Children and Adolescents; Risk Factors, Assessment & Treatment, where she shares the philosophy and interventions embodied in FITS-IA®. This is the first book to thoroughly examine how early and easy access to the Internet and digital media impacts children and adolescents.

“The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is connection.”

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