Individual Therapy for Screen Overuse + Media Addiction

Digital-Media Treatment & Education

Our team specializes in the intervention, treatment and aftercare of overuse and addictions in the areas of video games, pornography, specific Internet applications, mobile devices and screens in general. We support the client to both determine a plan to abstain from problematic applications and devices while also developing a plan to reintegrate digital media and specific Internet applications when the time is right, ultimately working to support academic, work, and social connection. We specialize in treating co-occurring issues often experienced with overuse and addiction to technology, such as depression, ADHD, Executive functioning deficits, anxiety, academic problems, relationship issues, and substance abuse. We offer individual and family therapy, and group support to teens and adults.

Five Identified Types of Internet addiction

as identified by Dr. Kimberly Young
  1. cybersex addiction (e.g. adult chat rooms, cyber-porn)
  2. cyber-relationship addiction (e.g. social networking
  3. newsgroups that replace real life friends/family)
  4. net compulsions (e.g. online gambling, cyber-shopping, trading)
  5. information overload (e.g. compulsive web surfing, “Netflix binges” youTube)
  6. computer addiction (e.g. obsessive computer video game playing, programming aspects of computer science)
There have been a handful of studies that have reported the prevalence of Internet Gaming Disorder (IGD) using nationally representative samples. The prevalence rates reported were 8.5 of German adolescents aged 13-18 years (Rehbein, Kliem, Baier et al., 2015), 5.5 among Dutch adults (Lemmens, Valkenburg & Gentile, 2015), 4.3 of Norwegian gamers (Wittek, Finserås, Pallesen et al., 2015), and 1.6% of European youth from seven countries aged 14-17 years (Müller, Janikian, Dreier et al., 2015). Only the Norwegian study surveyed gamers.