Tracy Markle, MA, LPC Founder & Co-Director
Individual & Family Therapist

Tracy has worked in a variety of clinical, academic, therapeutic settings providing services to teens, adults, and families since 1992. The areas she specializes in are, the treatment and recovery from digital media overuse and addictions, substance abuse, mental illness, social isolation, improved relationships, successful life transitions, and academic and employment success.

Tracy and the team at Digital Media Treatment and Education Center (dTEC®) provide education, psychotherapy, and intervention support to individuals and their families who are impacted by the effects of technology and the common co-existing factors such as, depression, anxiety, isolation, academic failure, and more. Tracy collaborates with national experts in the field of Internet addiction, which allows her and the team to provide the most up to date treatment approaches when working with people who struggle with this issue. “Internet Addiction in Children and Adolescents: Risk Factors, Treatment, and Prevention” was published in 2017. Tracy, along with other experts examine the research associated with excessive screen use, as well as provide assessment tools and strategies, evidence-based treatment approaches, and much more The treatment approach developed by Tracy, and described in this book is called, “Family, Integrated Treatment, Social Connection ~ Internet Addiction (FITSC-IA®). It is a community-based, systemic approach to treating digital media overuse and the issues underlying the problematic use. This innovative approach has been developed and honed over the past several years and is exceptionally successful.

dTEC® works in partnership with Collegiate Coaching Services® (CCS), which was founded in 2008 by Tracy. CCS provides academic, executive functioning, therapeutic coaching and clinical services to students and those planning to re-engage in the college environment. Both programs work closely with each other and offer exceptional services to their clients. The joint effort of the teams allow our clients to receive treatment and coaching by practitioner and coaches under the same roof, which facilitates effective collaboration and more successful treatment outcomes.

Outside of her work at dTEC® and CCS, Tracy has a passion for skate skiing, hiking and many other outdoor endeavors. As a past competitive runner, Tracy can still be found trail running and in the occasional road race. When she is not enjoying the wilds of Colorado, Tracy values the time she spends with her familfriends, while living in Boulder, CO.