Tracy Markle at a conference speaking at Screen Time in Schools Conference.

Decrease Screen-time & Reach Your Goals

The prevalence rate of Internet addiction for youth aged 8-18 years old is 8.5% in the U.S. College students are the most vulnerable group with 13.5-18% meeting criteria for Internet addiction. Digital media overuse is causing problems with academic and workplace success, as well as an increase in mental illness and social isolation. Learn more about how we will support you to change your child’s and/or your digital media habits and successfully re-engage in real life.

Our Approach

Our team treats digital media overuse and addictions with an innovative community-based model called FITSC-IA™; Family, Integrated Treatment, Social Connection ~ Internet Addiction. We specialize in treating children, adults and families ages, 10 and older who struggle with problematic use of screen overuse and Internet based applications such as, video games, pornography, information overload, streaming, social media, and mobile devices. We identify and treat the co-existing issues that are commonly underlying digital media overuse and addictions. These include, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder, learning differences and more.


First of it’s Kind Book Addressing Internet Addiction in Children and Adolescent

Tracy Markle is one of twenty experts from around the globe who contributed to the first of its kind clinician’s handbook called, “Internet Addiction in Children and Adolescent; Risk Factors, Assessment, and Treatment”. She shares how she utilizes the community based approach she developed called, Family Integrated Treatment Social Connection ~ Internet Addiction (FITSC-IA) ™ to treat Internet addiction in adolescents and young adults.

“This is the first book to thoroughly examine how early and easy access to the Internet and digital technologies impacts children and adolescents. Experts in the field examine the research that shows the social, cognitive, developmental, and academic problems that can result when children spend excessive time in front of screens. As a whole, the book provides an invaluable resource for those who need to assess, treat, and prevent Internet addiction in children and adolescents.” (Springer Publishing Company).

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