Screen Overuse

The prevalence rate of Internet addiction for youth aged 8-18 years old is 8.5% in the U.S. College students are the most vulnerable group with 13.5-18.0% meeting criteria for Internet addiction. Learn more about how immersive technology is  contributing to serious consequences in our youth and adults alike.


Our team specializes in the intervention, treatment and aftercare of overuse and addictions to applications such as, video games, pornography, information overload, streaming, social media, and mobile devices. We specialize in the treatment of  issues common co-exisiting issues found alongside screen overuse.


We provide presentations, trainings for clinicians,  workshops to college campuses, schools, and private groups, as well as present at conferences around the country. We individualize the information based on your area of interest. We collaborate with schools to develop best practices as it relates to screen use.


Need additional help? Be sure to check out our resources section, which highlights the latest research in digital media addiction, expert treatment providers around the country, as well as provides you with information about no cost support groups for those seeking support for screen overuse.

About the Digital Media Treatment and Education Center ~ DTEC

Located in Boulder, CO. We provide a community-based, integrated treatment approach, which provides psychotherapy, education, and coaching to those aged 10 and older and their families who are experiencing the negative impacts of screen overuse. Our expert psychotherapists and coaches understand how screens and their immersive applications impact us in critical areas of our life, such as emotional well being, academic and workplace performance, face-to-face social connections, family relationships, and physical health.

We support the client to determine a plan to abstain from problematic application(s) and devices, develop a plan to reintegrate digital media and specific Internet applications, which will support academic, work, and social connection. We provide support to parents and assist them in developing a family agreement, which clarifies expectations in the home, tech related and non-tech related. We specialize in treating co-occurring issues often experienced alongside overuse and addiction to technology, such as depression, ADHD, executive functioning deficits, anxiety, academic problems, relationship issues, and substance abuse.

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