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Amos Therapy Horse at Medicine Horse

Tracy Markle, Founder & Co-Director of dTEC® and owner of Amos, is a proud supporter of the Medicine Horse Program.

Let me introduce myself; I am “famous” Amos. I am well known in Colorado for being a gentle giant and taking good care of humans who are beginners and not so sure about my kind. I started my journey in the Amish countryside in Pennsylvania. I am a cross between a full draft horse, (like a Clydesdale) and a smaller type of horse called a Quarter Horse. I am known for my size and strength, which is why my first family utilized me for plowing fields and pulling their family in their carriage to town. Once my job was done with my Amish family, I traveled to the west to Colorado where my next family chose me to become a part of Fantasy Ranch in Crested Butte, CO, one of the most beautiful places on earth if you ask me. That sure was a change from the farm life in PA! I took humans on horseback riding trips up steep and rocky trails, and eventually, the guides realized how well I did with taking the lead and they began having me lead each trip.

My job as the top trail guiding horse was challenging due to how much we climbed and rambled over rocks, and although the guides wished for me to stay, they knew I needed a more relaxed life, one that allowed me to smell the flowers and eat the grass without having to work too hard. Amazing enough, my final family came along. I chose one of my now family members, Tracy, to ride me knowing she was a beginner and a bit nervous. I wanted her to have a wonderful time that day. Well, she did, and an amazing thing happened. Tracy found out that the guides were trying to find a new home for me, and she fell so in love with me that she asked me to join her family. I felt like the luckiest horse alive.

My new family took me to Boulder and after some searching for the perfect home for me, we found White Dog Ranch, where I enjoy trail riding, hanging out in the pasture with my friends and enjoying my treats. My life as a semi-retired horse is wonderful. I am well-fed as you may be able to tell from my size. My family lovingly jokes that when riding me it feels like one is sitting on a couch. I have always loved my connection with humans, and I feel like my dream has been realized once I joined the team at the Medicine Horse program. I can truly be myself and use my strengths to help humans heal from their hurts and gain confidence in their lives.